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Media Services Site Coordinator
Media Center hours: 7:45am-*3:00pm 

April Koets
Media Services Site Coordinator

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*After-School program (Open until 3:30 during 2017 fall sports season):

The DeWitt Junior High School Media Center will be open to students until 3:30pm, Monday through Friday. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to have access to the media center, and its resources, as a place to complete homework, do research, or read. As with any opportunity, this after school access to the media center comes with responsibilities as well. This time should be considered an extension of the school day as all school rules and expectations apply. Students will be expected to sign in and out, and are to use the time for school work or reading related activities. It is not a time to IM, chat, game, or manage personal email. Students and parents are also expected to communicate about and manage pick up times. Any issues that might arise will be addressed according to the code of conduct. We are excited to offer this educational opportunity to our students and look forward to working with students and parents to assure its success and continued availability!

Parent/Student tutorial for our new online library catalog 

Teacher tutorial for our new library catalog 

To visit our upcoming book fair's homepage and to shop online go to http://www.scholastic.com/bf/djhs